(Mostly Undiscussed) Advice for Beginning Authors

One of the great joys of speaking at a writer’s conference is meeting new authors. Many are starting their writing career, and they’re often seeking advice. While I’m certainly no expert, I seem to have a firsthand grasp of the pitfalls. From my experience, this is my advice. On How To Start: If you haven’t … Continue reading (Mostly Undiscussed) Advice for Beginning Authors

Please Don’t Be Alarmed By What I’m About To Tell You

Just because I could not find my writing mug this morning (the one I’ve used every single morning of my writing days — not my entire writing life — only those days (years) during which I’ve been writing my current WIP, even that really dark year when I thought it was all a big waste … Continue reading Please Don’t Be Alarmed By What I’m About To Tell You

The Artform of Uncertainty

Is it even any good at all? I’m sure this is not the thing I should be thinking at this stage of the game. Within the last sixteen months, I’ve read hundreds of articles on ‘Marketing for the Self-Published Author’ and none of the advice said to doubt yourself moments before the release of your … Continue reading The Artform of Uncertainty

Where Creativity Comes From

I have some good news and some bad news. It’s about creativity. Well, mine anyway. After many years of alternately experiencing both droughts and monsoons of creative vision, I have miraculously discovered from where to harvest my most creative self. I liken it to mining for gold−since the result of every creative endeavor (on a … Continue reading Where Creativity Comes From