Win A Book Marketing Consultation!

This time of year, we writers can’t help but look back and feel good about the writing progress we’ve made. Whether we took small steps forward or big ones, each one steers us closer toward our writing goals. So, now’s the time to celebrate your hard work and feel good about what you’ve accomplished. Here … Continue reading Win A Book Marketing Consultation!

Writing Wednesday Inspo: Taking Risks

For some reason, the idea of creative risk-taking keeps coming to mind today. I usually think about it when I hear Bohemian Rhapsody and remember what Queen’s agent said to the band (in the movie) when they wanted to record it as a single: “Opera? Six minutes long? No radio station will ever play it.” … Continue reading Writing Wednesday Inspo: Taking Risks

(Mostly Undiscussed) Advice for Beginning Authors

One of the great joys of speaking at a writer’s conference is meeting new authors. Many are starting their writing career, and they’re often seeking advice. While I’m certainly no expert, I seem to have a firsthand grasp of the pitfalls. From my experience, this is my advice. On How To Start: If you haven’t … Continue reading (Mostly Undiscussed) Advice for Beginning Authors

Celebrate National Pie Month at The Book House ‘Pies in Literature’ Event

Hey Pie Lovers! I know you’re out there—and I’ve got some news for you. February is National Pie month, so what better way to celebrate than at a book store pie contest! Do you bake a mean pie? Or maybe the mention of pie gets you dreamy eyed and salivating? Join me and the Farm … Continue reading Celebrate National Pie Month at The Book House ‘Pies in Literature’ Event