Discussion Questions

Readers Guide and Book Club Questions for THE MEMORY BOX.

In order to provide discussion topics for reading groups and book clubs, important plot points are revealed. You may wish to explore these questions only after finishing THE MEMORY BOX.

1.  Throughout much of The Memory Box, we witness Caroline’s panic as she discovers her inability to remember important events from her past. Do you empathize with her? Have you ever experienced something similar? In order to aid your memory, have you relied on outside sources? Did you ever discover that a memory from your childhood was something you fabricated from pieces of things?

2.  The author relies on several “memory boxes” in the story. Discuss how some of the memory box devices are subjective and others are objective.

3.  We find out a great deal about Caroline and her childhood from listening to the audio tape of Elaine’s session with Dr. Sullivan. Discuss what we learn about young Caroline and her relationship with JD.

4.  Caroline had a heightened interest in twins. Discuss Caroline’s insistence that she and JD were twins. Why do you think that’s so important to Caroline and do you believe it’s true?

5.  What are your thoughts about Andy? Do you think Caroline has underestimated him? What do you think about Caroline’s relationship with Lilly and Tessa?

6.  Facades play an important role in The Memory Box. Discuss the different facades at play and what they present and what they conceal.

7.  If it is a universal human quality to be concerned with what others think of us, discuss how each of the characters’ concern manifests in different ways.

8.  Compare the relationship Caroline had with Timothy to the one she has with Andy.

9.  How does the setting affect the story?

10.  Do you agree or disagree with Dr. Sullivan’s decision to uphold the confidentiality agreement he has as Caroline’s psychologist?

11.  What are your thoughts about Caroline? Do you think it’s possible for a person to be both good and evil?

12.  Why do you think JD never told Caroline who Lilly’s father was? Or about what happened at the party with Timothy?

13.  How does the book explore the concepts of perception and reality?

14.  Some people might consider Caroline to be the ultimate control freak. Discuss the theme of control in the story.

15.  The term “Google Effect” is described as the habit of forgetting information that can be found easily by using Google or other search engines. Have you noticed a decline in your memory since the emergence of internet search engines and your use of them?

16.  Were you satisfied with the book’s ending? What do you think will happen next?

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