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Has your book club read THE MEMORY BOX? Send me a photo!


The Memory Box takes Richmond, VA by storm! Well, sort of. I was originally scheduled to meet with this wonderful Book Club in September, but when a hurricane hit Richmond my trip was cancelled. Then came a tornado! This group has been patient and tenacious! Special thanks to Betty Ann and her lovely group for a wonderful evening!

Fingerlakes Book Club

I was SO happy to hear from the lovely members of the Fingerlakes (FLX) Book Club Babes of Geneva, NY! They sent me this photo from the night they discussed The Memory Box. I’m trying to imagine what they were eating: lettuce wraps? fajitas? I don’t know. It will remain a mystery–hmm, I guess now we’re even! Wish I could’ve been there with you, FLX BCB! Thanks for reading!



A big thanks to the Holy Trinity Women’s Book Club & Friends for a wonderful evening!


bfbc 6-17 main

What a treat it was to hang out with the Between Friends Bookclub! Many are writers themselves so we had lots to talk about. You can read about our time together in this wonderful post at!


These lovely ladies won the Book Club auction basket at the CARES Gala, supporting CARES Foundation’s research and advocacy of CAH. These hard core book clubbers had already been to another book club earlier that day, but that didn’t stop them as we gathered al fresco for a wonderful night.


It was a balmy night in Chatham as we discussed The Memory Box over Mango Nectar Green Tea Cocktails! Thank you, Lori, for your warm hospitality!



What a treat it was to meet the members of the Dudley/Fanwood Book Club, where I was comforted to hear, and they were proud to report, that they all “read the entire book.” We had a good laugh over the between-the-lines-message of that statement. By the way, about 95% of the book clubs I’ve visited have admitted to me that it’s rare that they all read the whole book. So you can imagine how flattered I was! And how grateful I was for their thoughtfulness and generosity in giving me this fabulous tote bag that looks like a Composition notebook. Someone must have known that the first draft of The Memory Box was written in a notebook that looks just like this. The company that makes these bags, “Out of Print”, donates one book for each purchase made to a community in need through Books For Africa. A perfect gift for the writer in your life!



Here are the wonderful Reading Divas. We had a great afternoon together, and I’m not just talking about the Greek Gazpacho, made with home-grown tomatoes, Kalamata olives and feta. Thank you, Diane! They told me their book club lunch menu revolves around food from the book they’re reading. I obviously gave them very little inspiration with Caroline’s diet! Sno Balls, anyone?



What a treat to spend some time with the Westfield Winners book club! Wow, these women had a lot of questions, and I loved every one. In fact, one of those questions still has me thinking… Yes, that is a platter of Sno Balls, but not Hostess’s — they are homemade (thank you, Andrea!) and unbelievably delicious. Caroline would have eaten a whole one for sure! I am so appreciative of their thoughtful gift. Books and messages to help me through my writing day, but most of all, I love the gentle nudging (and faith!) of the message on this notebook. I will get on that right away!




I had the wonderful honor of meeting the women of Read Between The Wines Book Club this weekend. Thank you for reading The Memory Box, and for the amazing evening. Look at this beautiful table of delectables (including Sno Balls!). Thank you for the very thoughtful gifts including a beach bag (!) monogrammed by the talented and generous Jennifer Lane!

IMG_3769 (1)

What a great afternoon I had with The Book Club From Copperthwaite Square. We had a lot of laughs and while they eagerly await “Book #2” there’s no pressure to have it out by the summer. Whew!


Really enjoyed meeting the ladies of the Doylestown Newcomer’s Book Club and seeing my old neighbor again! Thanks for your warm hospitality!


I really enjoyed spending time with these women from the literature department of the Wednesday Morning Club of Cranford, a club which dates back to the 1880’s! I loved learning that! Thank you for your thoughtful comments, questions and interest in a sequel!


photo 2 (8)

I knew I was in for a treat when I walked into the Cherokee Court book club. The artistic energy in the room was palpable! A fabulous group of women, keenly observant readers and some savvy new members of my dream marketing team! Thank you for having me. (And a special thanks to the photographer!)


How lucky I was to spend some time with this book club group from Boise, Idaho! It was my very first “trip” to Boise and I got to meet some fabulous book lovers, one of whom is the sister of my wonderful editor, Candace Johnson. We had a lot of laughs, some of those laughs were silent because I couldn’t get my microphone to work! Oh those technology snafus, thank goodness for books.

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (4)

photo 2 (4)

Here is the lovely Echo Lake Country Club Book Club. Thank you for inviting me to join you for a delicious lunch and lively conversation!

photo (43)

My very first Bonfire Book Club! Replete with a lively bar, a cannoli cream birthday cake, singing, heck — this book club had it all! These ladies know how to Book Club! Thank you for a great night!

photo (37)

So happy to have met the ladies of the Massachusetts Book Club. A wonderful group of readers with lots of great questions and “theories”! They just might have talked me into writing a sequel! Stay tuned . . .

photo (36)

It was a wonderful night talking to The Book Club Babes. I don’t know what it was about them, but a few minutes in and they had me sharing stories I didn’t plan on sharing (like that night in New Orleans with Kurt Vonnegut . . .). So happy to have met you all!

MeetUp bookclub

Here is the wonderful MeetUp Book Club of Cranford — however don’t let that fool you, some traveled far and wide to attend. It was a special night for two of the members: one announced she had become an empty-nester that afternoon and the other just found out she’s pregnant! Great night.

photo (35)

Here is the wonderful Cedar Grove Book Club. I was so lucky to attend their book discussion via Skype. Thanks for inviting me, ladies, and thanks for reading THE MEMORY BOX!


Here are the fabulous readers from the Dorian Lane Book Club. Their blizzard of insights and curiosity — on one of the coldest nights I can remember — made for a lively, laughter filled discussion. Thanks for a great evening ladies!

photo 1 (3)

Here is the wonderful Colonia Book Club (or Phyllis’s Book Club, as some refer to it! And rightly so, she kept us on track, thankfully!). We had so much fun together talking books. I was honored to have my book chosen as their 48th book club pick! Wishing you ladies many good reads in the future!


Here is the lovely Wyckoff Swimmers’ Book Club with a silver platter of white SnoBalls (because SnoBalls deserve the very finest!). Unfortunately, not all of the members are photographed. Some raced off to jump in the pool where, I’ve been assured, they do not read. Hey, sometimes you just have to put a book down, right? Thanks ladies!

photo (30)

The Fabulous Bradford Book Club. Please note: Just because you don’t like “one of the characters” it’s not okay to throw something at me! (LOL) Okay, it was just a crumbled up napkin, but still, you really get into your characters… but that’s why I luv ya! Anyway the fondue sure made up for it! Thanks for a great book club! (You too, Nellie…)

photo 2 (3)

The wonderful Hadassah Bookclub, Westfield, NJ, what fun we had!

Thanks for your support & enthusiasm! (and incredible coconut cupcakes . . .*;) winking . . . yum)

IMG_0038.JPGIMG_0708 (1)

Here is the lovely West Dudley Book Club of Westfield, NJ, thanks for a great evening!

photo (28)

The Linden Book Club, Westfield, NJ Loved talking with these women, we could have gone on for hours! And thanks for gasping out loud when I revealed the beginning of book #2!


photo (26)

photo (27)

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting The Page Turners Book Club of Piscataway, NJ. Pictured in the center is Gail with her list of questions, comments and a timeline (according to chapter) of her various theories. Wow, these readers BLEW ME AWAY! Here is a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted votive candle designed by Linda & Gail et al with their favorite pages of THE MEMORY BOX. I must admit, receiving this elicited some waterworks from the author. I will cherish this gift for a long time to come. Thank you, Page Turners!


The wonderful Norgate Book Club, Westfield, NJ Thanks for the Sno Balls!

photo (25)

The fabulous ladies of the Hillside Book Club, Westfield, NJ.


The Page Turners Book Club, Piscataway, N.J.


Lincoln Book Club, Westfield, N.J.

IMG_2930 (2)

Canterbury Book Club, Westfield, N.J.

Dunthorpe Book Junkies

Dunthorpe Book Junkies, Portland, Oregon

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  1. Dear Eva,
    I am the book club chairwoman for the Westfield Welcome Club. We are reading your book for our December meeting (time and place are tbd). Would you be interested in speaking with us if you are available? We’d LOVE it!! Many thanks-
    Amelia Sarrazin

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