Praise for The Memory Box

Praise for The Memory Box


“THE MEMORY BOX is a literary rarity.” Sidney Offit, author of Memoir of the Bookie’s Son

“. . . Be prepared to toss that suburban fairy tale away, grab on to the steering wheel, and hope that you get through this obstacle course with all of your mental faculties. Natiello shows tremendous talent . . . . 5-Stars” —San Francisco Book Review

“Epically creepy. . .creepier than Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. After the last word, I had to take a deep breath, and think of cute, comforting things, like kittens and baby hedgehogs to stop the chills running through me.” —Sally Allen, Hamlethub

The Memory Box left me feeling stunned . . .”

“Could not put this book down.” —Jessica Collins, Books, Ink’s

“. . . this one comes along and tears to shreds everything you thought you knew about the genre . . . and just when you think the book may have hit the limits of its genre, another sinister twist pushes it into serious Gone Girl territory.” —Bustle


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