Sales of The Memory Box Surpass 200,000 Books Worldwide!

Even as I type out that headline, I can’t believe it. My modest self-published thriller—who would’ve thunk it? The thing that caused years of frustration and disappointment is now responsible for  unexpected squeals and ripples of joy.

To mark this occasion, I recently sat down to answer some of my most frequently asked reader questions. You can see that video here: (Don’t worry, I don’t look crazy the entire time . . . )

This same week is also marked by the release of the German edition of The Memory Box, which is titled Memory Box: Verborgene Lügen, translated by Peter Groth. That means, right now, The Memory Box is freaking out readers in another language! I couldn’t be prouder. So please spread the news to all your German friends! It’s available in the U.S. and Germany.


To celebrate the German edition, I plan to cook a huge German inspired feast (since, for me, all roads lead to the kitchen). I’m looking for suggestions for the yummiest German dishes, so if you have one—send it along!

Auf Wiedersehen!

2 thoughts on “Sales of The Memory Box Surpass 200,000 Books Worldwide!

  1. Very cool! Nice video. Congrats. Sorry no recipes from me. But I do know of a great German restaurant! The Black Forest Inn in Stanhope/Byram NJ. 😉 L

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