Art Vitamin: Your Recommended Daily Dose of Art


Copy of Copy of VITAMIN-2Hi friends! Welcome to the introduction of Art Vitamin: your recommended daily dose of art.

If you’re an artist you know your art needs to be nourished. We thrive on inspiration, whenever, wherever we can get it. So pop this daily Art Vitamin and soak it up! If you’re not an artist, you know how important art is to your life, too. Music, literature, theater, photography, fashion, dance, movies, etc., nourish our spirit, quiet the noise around us, entertain and inspire. I will share with you any tiny bits of artistic magic I find. I hope you’ll enjoy a daily dose of #ArtVitamin and let me know if it resonates with you.

Today’s Art Vitamin

Do you know that Jim Carrey is a painter? Check out this insanely inspiring video of his art, process and philosophic and poetic thoughts about life, love and art.

Some highlights from Jim:
“You’re doing something someone’s gonna relate to. Hopefully.”
“People who are different have a shot at being original.”
“Something inside of you is always telling a story. I believe every single thing you see and hear is talking to you.”

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