RECAP: Self-Published to Bestseller! with Eva Lesko Natiello

In case you couldn’t attend, here is a wonderful recap of the Writers Circle Speaker Series talk I gave last weekend about self-publishing.

The Writers Circle

by Mally Becker
the-memory-box-ebook-smallAfter 81 rejections, self-published author Eva Lesko Natiello had had enough. It didn’t matter that self-publishing was unfamiliar territory. That was no excuse not to learn.

And learn she did.  Since she took on the “indie author” mantle, her suspense thriller, THE MEMORY BOX, has sold more than 100,000 copies and appeared on The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

Natiello shared her journey up the steep learning curve of self-publishing with a rapt audience at The Writers Circle’s Speaker Series event on Sunday, February 5, at MONDO in Summit, NJ.

“I wasted four years waiting for agents to tell me that my book was worthy of publication,” Eva said.  “Then I decided: let readers decide what’s worth reading, not agents or publishers.”

Eva emphasized several critical tasks that will help readers embrace a self-published book. First, make sure that it’s indistinguishable from books…

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