Theory of the Field Hockey Stick is Revealed


photo by Bill Slattery Jr.

Can’t they make those field hockey sticks longer? All that hunching. Those poor girls. Who can hunch for that long? My back hurts just watching them. Think of all that lower back pain. And how can they run properly while hunching? They can’t. They try, but maximum speed? Not a chance. And has anyone thought about what running while hunching does to their alignment? Oy. Not to mention, obviously they need to keep their head up when they’re in a hunched-over-awkward-run to avoid colliding with other hunched-over girls. Not good, as far as I can see it. Neck strain. Is anyone out there listening? All they need is a few more inches. Six tops. What are all the tall trees being used for? Ice hockey? Are there not enough tall trees to go around? Who designed this traction-inducing contraption? It gets you thinking, doesn’t it? You didn’t hear this from me, but, a chiropractor, maybe? Just a hunch.


4 thoughts on “Theory of the Field Hockey Stick is Revealed

  1. I don’t seem to see a lot of grass hockey happening these days, as my grand-daughters are into soccer, softball and cheer-leading. Good points though, Eva—I do remember being sort of hunched-over (I was a short player) and getting whacked on the ankles a lot!

  2. I’ve watched their bent-over suffering for years. Never dawned on me to lengthen the hockey stick. Great idea. And so beautifully (and
    humorously) expressed!!

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