What Do Turkey, Canada, and Libraries Have in Common?


photo by Roberto Saltori

Lots of great news to report on THE MEMORY BOX this month. That’s what you gotta love about books, right? If THE MEMORY BOX were a pair of jeans, it would have been old after six months. If it were a song, one month. A tuna sandwich, 2 days. But a book? It’s like a rose bush. If a flower fades at one end, another blossoms at the other.

Okay, so back to the news. I’m so very excited to report that THE MEMORY BOX is going to Turkey! That’s right, the wonderful people at Pegasus Publishing have purchased the foreign rights and they will be translating the book into Turkish. How cool is that? Thank you, Pegasus, for bringing my book to the wonderful people of Turkey. We don’t have a date just yet, but I will keep you posted. This will be the first country to translate THE MEMORY BOX, and I hope there will be others to report on soon. More on that later…

Onto Canada. To all of my friends and fans in Canada, you spoke and I listened. THE MEMORY BOX is now available on Kobo, the preferred Canadian book retailer (or so I’ve been told…) So spread the news to all your friends in Canada!

Lastly, it has taken me about six months to figure this out, but I am proud to say that THE MEMORY BOX is available to libraries in all three formats: paperback, e-book and audiobook. It was no small feat for this self-published author to get this book available to libraries, but it was very important to me so with some poking and prodding and masterminding and re-publishing a few more times with a bevy of publishers and distributors, voila! Now, I want to be clear about this. It is easier for libraries to select it for their patrons now because it’s available from the distributors that¬†libraries use. But, and this is a big but, your local library will not automatically order it because I, unfortunately, don’t have a sales team to alert them about the book. But that’s where you come in. If your library doesn’t already have it, all you have to do is ask your librarian to order it! That’s the fastest way to get it there. I’m sure she or he will say yes. If you do ask your local librarian to order THE MEMORY BOX, I’d love to hear from you to see how it worked out and to thank you personally.

That’s it for now. Wishing you a summer filled with great reads!






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