An Open Letter to High School Graduates


Congratulations! Take a bow; you deserve it. I’m sure you worked very hard. High school is tough these days, and it’s nearly impossible to sail through without tenacity and effort, especially if you are ambitious and have your sights set on future greatness of some kind.

By “future greatness,” of course, I mean your own specific definition of this. Maybe you want to produce TV shows, or open a hair salon. Perhaps you want to join the Peace Corps or be a lobbyist. Do cancer research or car mechanics. Everyone’s goals and dreams are personal and their potential to fulfill these goals are quite individual— which means there are an infinite number of definitions for “greatness.” That’s good news. There is no one certain path to success and happiness. It is not automatic to those who took A.P. Calculus or Honors Physics. Even though that’s what you may have been made to believe these last four years. continue reading . . .

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