The Best Advice


photo by drburtoni

During a recent interview for a book blog, I was asked what was the best piece of advice I had ever been given. The interviewer most likely meant writing advice, but all I could think of was the time a dentist told me it didn’t matter when someone flossed their teeth, just as long as they did it once a day. That changed my life. Sort of. The life of my teeth, anyway. For so many years I thought you had to floss at night before sleep and after brushing. But no! You can floss before breakfast, or after lunch, before mouth wash, after dinner, before brushing or while brushing! . . . don’t know how you’d do that but I wanted to give you options. Just do it once a day and the food debris will never be in there for too long.

Sadly, this piece of advice didn’t make it into the final cut of the printed interview (I can’t imagine why!) so I thought I’d leave it here. It’s pretty good advice.

3 thoughts on “The Best Advice

  1. I love how the mind works–bet that was a comment the interviewer didn’t expect to hear! Great photo of the perfect teeth though–a dentist would be proud 🙂

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