Surprising Questions An Author Gets Asked

photo by Dennis Skley

As an author, I love talking to readers. Whether that’s at book club discussions, or through my website or Goodreads, I get a lot of wonderful feedback and tons of great questions. Many questions are inevitable, like: “How did you come up with this idea?” That’s not surprising. As a reader I always want to know that. It’s the literary version of VH1’s Behind the Music. Everyone likes to hear the story behind the story.

Sometimes I get a question like, “How are the girls doing now?” Or, “Whatever happened to Timothy?” Those types of questions always surprise me.

When I was a reader before being an author, I had similar experiences. I would get so invested in the characters in a book that I couldn’t help but think of them once the story concluded. Honestly, for me, the story really hadn’t concluded even though the book had. I still thought about them. What would happen to them next? How would they move on with their life? And I think, given the opportunity to talk to the author, I would have asked the same questions. Shouldn’t the author know?

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