Bustle: Books that will Hook You till the Very Last Page

 photo by Carrie Baughcum

Um, yeah, that’s nice and all, Ryan. But given the choice between hanging out with you and reading my book, THE MEMORY BOX, Bustle magazine chooses the latter. (Insert sloppy happy dance and fainting spell.)

“But then comes along a book so gripping, so enthralling, so utterly unputdownable that I suddenly find I’m totally awake. I’m talking about the kind of book that you’d stay up all night for even if you had an important meeting in the morning. The kind of book that would distract you even if a full-on earthquake started up. The book that could keep your attention no matter what. Ryan Gosling could wander into your living room and ask if you’d like to re-enact The Notebook with him and you’d be like, “Nah, I’m cool sitting here with my book.” Those books exist. And here are nine of them.”

Yes, you guessed it, THE MEMORY BOX is one of the nine!! No, I’m not kidding. Emma Oulton, the writer of this article (who is obviously an incredibly intelligent person and I believe everything she says and so should you), goes on to say:

“And just when you thought I couldn’t possibly suggest another memory-loss novel, this novel comes along and tears everything you thought you knew about the genre to shreds. The Memory Box’s protagonist has no idea her memories are missing, until she Googles herself and discovers a shocking past she doesn’t remember. And just when you think the book may have hit the limits of its genre, another sinister twist pushes it into serious Gone Girl territory.”

Hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, read it for yourself here and check out the rest of the list: Bustle.

3 thoughts on “Bustle: Books that will Hook You till the Very Last Page

  1. Bustle provides new muscle.!!

    Well this is just great news. Congratulations, Eva.


    PS I’m copying my great creative writing friend in Idaho. I want her to see(first) how my daughter-in-law’s book is doing. And (second) what’s in store for her if she just takes advantage of her new environment and keeps applying her magnificent talents.

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