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photo by Meme Binge

Nestled peacefully under my comforter, I heard my bedroom door swoosh open with a sense of urgency. A second later, inches from my head, I heard, “Honey!” It was my husband’s aggressive whisper. The kind that’s meant to be in a hushed tone but comes out louder than a normal speaking voice.

I was in that perfectly-aligned-body-parts guaranteed-deep-glorious-sleep position. My limbs were at the melting-into-the-mattress stage. My mind was not far behind my body, already in a half-doze. The timing was crucial. I couldn’t move a muscle, lest I wake myself up. That included my mouth. Responding to my husband would be limited. A grunt was all I could offer.

He took the grunt as a sign to converse. “There’s a parental lock on one of the TV channels. What’s that about? When did we have a parental lock? What’s the code?” continue reading


13 thoughts on “Forgot Your Password? Click Here.

    1. Katia, I feel guilty that you are reading my post. If you’re going to take a break, you should go for a walk, or take a nap, or read a book or go to the opera. Maybe you are enjoying some more free time this week. If so, have fun!

      1. But I had so much fun reading your post, Eva! Would you deny me that? One thing I have missed, is reading things I want to read, and that includes my friends’ blogs.

  1. Oh the passcode! I had one on my tv when my kids were all living here and much younger. My teenaged son tried so hard to break the code. It was so clever- our house number.
    I felt like a magician every time they begged me to turn off the lock on a PG 13 movie. They never figured it out!

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