Donald Trump to CNN and FOX: You’re Fired!


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Sources close to the presidential candidate claim that Trump’s problem with CNN and FOX is “they’re morons.” In an effort to be represented in the most honest and fair light, it is reported that Trump has just bought his own network: Trump That Media.

Donald Trump blames his slide in the polls on the “clowns” at the networks who are “not telling the truth. They’re a bunch of losers. I don’t want to use the word liars, but if it wasn’t for those liars, I wouldn’t have to buy my own network.” read more

5 Ways Facebook Success is Nothing Like Real Life Success


photo by Mouser Williams

We all do this. We browse our Facebook feed and see extraordinary things happening all around us. A Facebook friend just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. A friend of a friend won The Great Food Truck Race. Someone else was named Chicago’s Teacher of the Year. Or California’s No. 1 Realtor. Someone’s teenager just got a perfect SAT score.

It seems to happen all the time. Is the extraordinary the new ordinary? Facebook makes success look easy. And fast. And, dare I say, effortless. In the time it takes to look at a photo of someone celebrating a triumph, it’s just enough to feel jealous and insecure and easy to lose sight of what success looks like in real life, behind the photo.

1. Facebook success is a snapshot. A posed split-second moment in time. It’s a clear, succinct, still-framed, neat package with good cropping and fantastic lighting.

Real-life success is a slow messy saga. Which is often daunting, torturous and distracted. Or at least, a mini-series with no clear beginning and an open-ended end. In fact, it’s fuzzy all around the edges and the lighting is not good. That’s because it’s often dark (as in dark). read more

THE MEMORY BOX is on Bustle’s short list of Books that will Hook You till the Very Last Page

7998412567_138e60a23f_b photo by Carrie Baughcum

Um, yeah, that’s nice and all, Ryan. But given the choice between hanging out with you and reading my book, THE MEMORY BOX, Bustle magazine chooses the latter. (Insert sloppy happy dance and fainting spell.)

“But then comes along a book so gripping, so enthralling, so utterly unputdownable that I suddenly find I’m totally awake. I’m talking about the kind of book that you’d stay up all night for even if you had an important meeting in the morning. The kind of book that would distract you even if a full-on earthquake started up. The book that could keep your attention no matter what. Ryan Gosling could wander into your living room and ask if you’d like to re-enact The Notebook with him and you’d be like, “Nah, I’m cool sitting here with my book.” Those books exist. And here are nine of them.”

Yes, you guessed it, THE MEMORY BOX is one of the nine!! No, I’m not kidding. Emma Oulton, the writer of this article (who is obviously an incredibly intelligent person and I believe everything she says and so should you), goes on to say:

“And just when you thought I couldn’t possibly suggest another memory-loss novel, this novel comes along and tears everything you thought you knew about the genre to shreds. The Memory Box’s protagonist has no idea her memories are missing, until she Googles herself and discovers a shocking past she doesn’t remember. And just when you think the book may have hit the limits of its genre, another sinister twist pushes it into serious Gone Girl territory.”

Hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, read it for yourself here and check out the rest of the list: Bustle.

Hip New Jersey Talks about THE MEMORY BOX on the beach in Ocean Grove!

Where’s your beach book?

That’s what I asked beachgoers on a recent trip to the Jersey shore to launch THE MEMORY BOX’s Where’s Your Beach Book campaign. Afterall, there’s no better place to find future readers, right? Lucky for me, Hip New Jersey met me in Ocean Grove to hear all about THE MEMORY BOX — from how it all began when I moved to the Garden State from New York, to all the fun ways I’ve been meeting readers. Also, follow Hip New Jersey and tweet the post and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of THE MEMORY BOX. Good luck!

It was a great day at the beach to kick off Summer 2015. Check out the Hip New Jersey clip here and maybe you’ll see me on your beach this summer. If you do, be sure to say “Hi!” Or “Hello there!” or “Aren’t you that author person?” or “Hey, you’re blocking my sun!” Well, not that. But a “Hi!” would be nice.

Happy Summer!



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