Hip New Jersey Talks about THE MEMORY BOX on the beach in Ocean Grove!

Where’s your beach book?

That’s what I asked beachgoers on a recent trip to the Jersey shore to launch THE MEMORY BOX’s Where’s Your Beach Book campaign. Afterall, there’s no better place to find future readers, right? Lucky for me, Hip New Jersey met me in Ocean Grove to hear all about THE MEMORY BOX — from how it all began when I moved to the Garden State from New York, to all the fun ways I’ve been meeting readers. Also, follow Hip New Jersey and tweet the post and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of THE MEMORY BOX. Good luck!

It was a great day at the beach to kick off Summer 2015. Check out the Hip New Jersey clip here and maybe you’ll see me on your beach this summer. If you do, be sure to say “Hi!” Or “Hello there!” or “Aren’t you that author person?” or “Hey, you’re blocking my sun!” Well, not that. But a “Hi!” would be nice.

Happy Summer!


You’re Invited to THE MEMORY BOX’s 1 Year Birthday Celebration!


photo by Rachel Patterson

Yes, it’s true. THE MEMORY BOX turns 1 today! So in celebration of this momentous occasion I will eat an unlimited (and undisclosed) amount of cupcakes, sip unlimited (and undisclosed) bubbly and stay in my p.j.s all day! (Does that combination sound worrisome? Okay, I’ll get dressed.)

Please join me in this virtual celebration. And to make it even sweeter, THE MEMORY BOX Kindle will be available for the never-seen-before crazy ridiculous price of .99 cents!!! (maybe it was .99 cents once before, but it was so unbelievable no one believed it!).

Whoa, I’m a little lightheaded from all this excitement — not just from today, but this entire year. THE MEMORY BOX hit the #1 bestseller spot on Amazon three times this year, and is sooo close once again (last time I looked today). Feel free to help it get even closer by snatching up a copy for yourself, or a loved one, or a friend, or a stranger! Strangers love to read!

the memory box - ebook high-res final smaller

Waiting for the Gatekeepers


photo by Plonq

Some people will waste a lifetime waiting for the Gatekeepers. I was almost one of them. By nature, I’m a rule follower. Even un-written rules. If there’s a way something is “supposed to be done,” that’s how I’ll do it. When I finished writing my first novel, I queried agents. This was the way it was “supposed to be done.” And, since I had aspirations of being traditionally published, I didn’t give it a second thought.

That second thought didn’t muscle its way in for years. That’s because I typically espouse a “never give up” philosophy. I also clung to “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will,” through 81 rejections. But my believing in myself wasn’t exactly convincing the Gatekeepers. The options were clear: move on, or self-publish. I had no interest in self-publishing. I had no interest in giving up either, but I’d be lying if I said after those rejections I still believed in myself.  read more

THE MEMORY BOX Beach Ambush Kicks off Summer 2015!

Hip NJ 029Summer is off to a great start! I was interviewed by Hip New Jersey (available on hipnewjersey.com in a few weeks) on the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ this weekend. Then the camera followed me on my Beach Ambush promotion as I surprised readers with THE MEMORY BOX book booty: signed books, beach totes, t-shirts and more! Have you ever seen Sno Balls on the beach?!

Hip NJ 041Check out this group of women I found in Ocean Grove — they told me they love reading page-turners on the beach and now they all have a copy of THE MEMORY BOX! Bam! Just like that. It was so much fun; I felt like Oprah! They were from Yardley, PA, enjoying a girls weekend. One of them already had THE MEMORY BOX on her book club’s to-read list and was excited to tell them she met the author on the beach. Wow, how did that happen?!? Thrilling for both of us.

A huge shout out to readers who have called THE MEMORY BOX “A must-have beach read,” “The perfect summer book,” “A beach read that caused some serious sunburn.” “If you only have room for one book in your beach bag, make it THE MEMORY BOX,” and “Best book of the summer.”

Will you be on the beach this summer? In New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Martha’s Vineyard or Maine? Look out for THE MEMORY BOX Beach Ambush — it might be coming to your beach! If it does, be sure to say “Hi!” Or “Hello there!” or “Aren’t you that author person?” or “Hey, you’re blocking my sun!” Well, not that. But a “Hi!” would be nice.

Happy Summer!